11 top e-Commerce sites you can shop in Nigeria

The e-Commerce market in Nigeria has grown in leaps and bounds, owing to factors such as convenience and the offer of products varieties. Nigeria has the 33rd largest online market in the world, contributing $7 billion in global e-commerce revenue (as per 2021). While this is cheering news, online market is saturated and unstructured.

In this report, Consumertrics offers online shoppers a guide to a slew of providers and the services they offer.

Jumia Nigeria

Jumia is one of Nigeria’s biggest online markets. It offers an array of consumer merchandises, comprising electronics, fashion, beauty products, supermarket, phones, computers and accessories, etc. Jumia also teams up with logistics service providers to offer line haulage, storage, and package shipment.


Konga is in the league of leading Nigerian online marketplace. It offers variety of consumer products and, similarly, involves in logistics services. On Konga’s products shelves are merchandises such as fashion, beauty products, electronics, and phones, among others. A unique feature in Konga services is its first party retailing services, whereby it takes goods directly from the manufacturers. Given Konga’s return policy, customers have the opportunity to return purchases in good condition within seven days.


Jiji is a unique online marketplace that brings sellers and buyers together in a direct exchange of goods and services. If you looking to buy a car, household goods, mobile phones, cosmetics, toys, pets, livestock, electronics, or services, Jiji is the place to be.


This is an online marketplace for pre-owned (second-hand) gadgets. It also allows swaps, i.e exchange of goods between parties.


Supermart.ng is a virtual store that offers shoppers varieties of consumer goods, ranging from farm produce, foods (including sea foods and poultry) , FMCGs, health and wellness products, household items, kitchenware, toiletries, appliances, etc. They are aggregators of different products from various providers and stores.

Slot Nigeria

Slot Nigeria is a leading firm selling different technologies. Its flagship is smart phones and accessories but the firm has since added other consumer products, like computers, generator and power solutions, electronics, home and kitchenware, automobile among others to its offerings. It operates as both a virtual store and as a brick and mortar. Consumers can have experiential feel of its array of mobile phone and computers at any of its walk-in outlets across the country.


Are you too busy or seem unwilling to leave your comfort zones while craving your favourite food or snack, or would you rather someone ran your errand to the pharmacy store? We have the solution: Glovoapp is shopping made easy. It is a virtual delivery company that can help pick up your orders, from notable restaurants, and have the same delivered to you.


Yudala is a marketplace that specializes in sales of mobile phones, computer, electronics, home appliances etc.


PayPorte calls itself the omnichannel retail company with a mandate to clothe Africa. If you are considering spicing up your wardrobe, PayPorte has the answer as it parades eye- catching collection of exquisite clothing and fashion ensembles.


Kara is another online store that offers varied goods to online shoppers, including PC, laptop, mobile phones, server, storage, printers, scanners, multimedia and accessories, and home appliances.

Autocheck Africa

Authocheck Africa is a virtual coy dealing in the sale and services of pre-owned vehicles. If you wish to buy a car, get useful information about a brand, or perhaps have one serviced for you, then you are good with Autocheck Africa.