16 incredible tips to set yourself 10 years ahead

16 incredible tips to set yourself 10 years ahead



  1. Develop a routine. Sleep at 9:00 PM and be awake at 4.00 AM every day.


  1. Spend 60-minutes of your day reading, writing, and internalizing what you understand.


  1. Be willing to let go of friendships that don’t serve you. If you hangout with losers, you become a loser.


  1. Master the art of self-discipline. Get up early, work long hours, and face your problems head on.


  1. Learn a high-income skill that’ll earn you $10k+ per month.


  1. Stop chasing cheap dopamine. Prioritize what’s important over pleasure.


  1. Hit at least 100 push ups and 80 squats per day to stay strong. You’ll also be healthier than 97% of people.


  1. Build self-discipline by taking one cold shower in the morning.


  1. Make the internet a source of your income. There’re endless possibilities for making money.


  1. Take 100% responsibility for your life and never blame circumstances or anyone.


  1. Include proteins, fresh fruits, and 3L of water in your daily diet to optimize your health.


  1. Hang out with people who obsess over making moves and living a good life. Your circle should not gossip, complain, or get jealous of each other.


  1. Invest in a good wardrobe, a good niche fragrance, and learn how to talk. You’ll boost your success rate by 94%.


  1. Befriend nature, walk 5000 steps per day to clear your mind, boost your mood and get creative.


  1. Keep distance from people who only prioritize their needs over yours. They’re your greatest setback.


  1. Be smart enough to quit weed, p*orn, and alcohol. They’re the worst distraction that’ll raise your dopamine, make you dumb, and depressed. “


Credit: Dr Ahmad Sabirin Arshad