Advocates recover almost $12 million for insurance consumers in third quarter of 2023


Have you ever had an insurance claim delayed only to receive an offer from your insurer that wasn’t very reasonable? Our team of highly trained insurance experts recovered almost $12 million for Washington state insurance consumers between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2023. They may be able to help you, too!

Thousands of consumers contact our office every year with a question or complaint about all types of insurance coverage. Our Consumer Advocacy team can look at your insurance policy, explain your rights, and in many cases, contact your insurance company on your behalf.

“As the insurance regulator, companies and insurance agents are required to respond to us and explain their actions or decisions,” said Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler. “Our services are free, impartial, and available to everyone in Washington state. You might not need them today, but we’re always here to help when you do.”

We understand how insurance policies work and the laws that protect you. We can’t help in every situation and our authority has its limits, but from July through September we investigated more than 2,400 complaints and recovered $11,678,226 for Washington state insurance consumers.

We can help you understand your rights, answer your questions, explain how to appeal a decision from your insurer and, sometimes, advocate on your behalf. File a complaint online 24/7, send us a message, chat with us or call our Insurance Consumer Hotline at 800-562-6900.