Are You Having Difficulty Passing Out Stool? This Is Why

We may experience a difficulty passing out stool. The most likely reason for this is Piles or hemorrhoids. Piles occur as a result of swollen veins in the lower anus and rectum. They can lead to tissue growths in and around the anus and cause discomfort.

They are common to both adult and children and they are caused by different conditions including chronic constipation or diarrhea, obesity, straining for long periods on the toilet, diet lacking in high fibre and even lifting heavy weights.

We have identified ways you can prevent piles below:

Eating a healthful diet: Staying hydrated and eating a diet rich in high-fiber foods can help keep stools soft and make their passing easier

Avoiding straining when passing

Stools: Straining when passing stools can increase the risk of developing piles.

Avoiding heavy lifting: Regular heavy lifting is a risk factor for piles. Limiting heavy exertion and practicing proper lifting techniques can help a person prevent the development of piles.

Maintaining a moderate weight: Being overweight raises the risk of having piles.

Staying active: Exercise can help food passage through the digestive system and make stools more regular. This can reduce the risk of piles.

If symptoms persist, please see a doctor.