BRICS Summit! Tinubu’s Economic Reforms to Catalyze Investments in Nigeria – VP Shettima

BRICS Summit! Tinubu's Economic Reforms to Catalyze Investments in Nigeria – VP Shettima



In a resounding testament to Nigeria’s ambitious economic vision, Vice President Sen. Kashim Shettima highlighted the catalytic impact of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s economic reforms and strategic diplomatic alliances. These far-reaching reforms are designed not only to attract investments and partnerships to Nigeria but also to enhance international and regional collaboration, Vice President Shettima confirmed.

Addressing a distinguished assembly of world leaders at the 3rd BRICS-Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus Dialogue, hosted alongside the ongoing 15th BRICS Summit at the illustrious Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, Vice President Shettima conveyed President Tinubu’s profound commitment. He affirmed that the new administration, only three months into its tenure, is meticulously assessing the variables and gauging the scope of global and regional collaboration. Their aim is to position Nigeria as a sought-after ally and partner on the world stage.

The theme of the event, “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development, and Inclusive Multilateralism,” struck a chord with Vice President Shettima. He underscored that this theme underscores the pivotal role of developmental partnerships in maintaining stability within our intricate multipolar landscape.

Lauding the organizers for their focus on “BRICS and Africa,” Vice President Shettima emphasized the synchronization of the agenda with the aspirations of the global community. He acknowledged the gratitude of Nigeria to the Republic of South Africa for hosting the 15th BRICS Summit, which provided an ideal platform for dialogue, exchange, and exploration of mutually beneficial partnerships that can propel development forward.

Vice President Shettima’s address underscored the urgency of reforming the current global governance structure to align with the realities of the modern world. He eloquently articulated the need for partnerships that guarantee shared prosperity, inclusivity, and sustainable development, resonating with the central ethos of BRICS.

In echoing President Tinubu’s commitment to global progress, Vice President Shettima asserted that Nigeria, under President Tinubu’s leadership, stands dedicated to shaping and strengthening international frameworks. This includes critical issues such as finance, climate change, digital inclusion, debt alleviation, food and energy security, post-pandemic recovery strategies, and fostering financial inclusion within developing nations.

Vice President Shettima passionately called for revitalized international cooperation that is not only effective and representative but also truly inclusive. With Nigeria’s unwavering determination, he emphasized readiness for collaboration and partnerships that establish a world governed by equitable rules and norms.

As the 15th BRICS Summit continues to unfold, Vice President Shettima’s words stand as a resonant call to action – a call for unity, shared vision, and the forging of partnerships that can reshape the global landscape and lead to collective progress.