Clafiya launches effective healthcare solutions for corporates

Clafiya launches effective healthcare solutions for corporates


In recognition of the increasing challenges associated with access to quality and affordable healthcare and wellness in Nigeria, Clafiya has introduced Clafiya for Business designed to empower employers and provide their employees with unparalleled access to comprehensive healthcare services.

This was made known to the press at the launch event in Lagos by Jennie Nwokoye, CEO/Founder, Clafiya. She said “Clafiya has launched Clafiya for Business to help employers to build a healthier team and grow their business, and experience a world of wellness benefits that will transform the way they approach healthcare.”

She stated that Clafiya means community wellness, and it started due to our personal experiences seeking primary healthcare in Nigeria and the challenges we faced.  It was such a profound experience that we felt we had to approach this problem from a system perspective – prevent, respond, and cover.

Speaking on the one-time registration fee, which she tagged ‘taking control of your finances,’ Nwokoye said “No cumbersome monthly premiums and unpredictable healthcare costs. Clafiya for Business allows employers to pay a simple one-time registration fee, granting them complete control over their healthcare finances. Say goodbye to recurring expenses and hello to a streamlined financial approach that empowers businesses of all sizes,” she added.

Speaking on a comprehensive range of healthcare services offered by Clafiya for Business, Nnenna West, Operations Manager at Clafiya mentioned that “We believe in providing holistic care that caters to the diverse needs of employees. Our platform offers a wide range of healthcare services, covering every aspect of well-being. From therapy services that promote mental health and emotional balance to personalized nutrition and fitness plans that foster physical vitality, our platform covers the full range of wellness.

Clafiya for Business  is also designed to look after sexual and reproductive health solutions, including IVF. According to her, “We prioritize the holistic health of every individual, and that includes sexual and reproductive well-being. Empowering employees to access a wide range of services tailored to their specific needs. From reproductive health consultations to advanced fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), we are committed to supporting employees in their journey towards family planning and reproductive success.”