Consumer Rights To Return Goods And Get Refund In Nigeria

A customer may have a change of mind after making a purchase or ordering a service and, for such reason, decides to return the goods or annul the demand. This could be goods ordered online or a purchase from a brick-and-mortar store. It can even be an on-or-offline booking for a hotel reservation, air travel, etc.

A return purchase occurs for reasons such as a customer finding out that a product bought is defective; brand choice; a merchant shipping wrong product; late arrival of goods (for online transaction); or even due to a buyer’s remorse. Whatever the basis is, customers of retail goods in Nigeria can make a return purchase, regardless of whether the retailer or service giver has a return policy.

What the law says

Sections 120-122 of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) states clearly the right of consumer to return goods or cancel a reservation as the case may be.

Regarding cancelled reservation or booking, a service provider may impose a “reasonable charge”, which must be a fair amount and depending on certain factors. These factors are the nature of the goods or service; the length of notice of cancellation given by the consumer; and the potential of a service provider to find an alternative consumer between when the customer made the cancellation and when he eventually returned the goods.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Section 122 of the FCCPC Act states unequivocally the consumer’s right to return unsafe or defective goods to a supplier and receive a full refund. Moreover, an Enugu state high court, in July 2021, affirmed the right of consumer to a refund based on a cancelled booking.

Ruling in the suit between Patrick Chukwunwike Chukwuma (the plaintiff) and Peace Mass Transit Limited (the defendant), Justice C.O Ajah set aside the transport company’s ‘No Refund Policy’ while upholding the plaintiff’s right as stated in Sections 120, 104, 129 of the FCCPC Act.

In light of the foregoing, consumers do have a right to return goods or service.

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