CRMI urges risk professionals to uphold standards

CRMI urges risk professionals to uphold standards


The Chartered Risk Management Institute of Nigeria has encouraged risk professionals to uphold ethical standards in the discharge of their duties.

The President and Chairman of CRMI, Professor Ezekiel Oseni, gave this charge during the induction of new members at the weekend.

He urged new inductees to be always good ambassadors of the institute.

He said, “We are united by a shared commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, continuous learning, and proactive risk mitigation. Your desire to be part of this institute is one of the best decisions you can make in your career and your admission to the institute is a privilege you should cherish.”

Oseni charged the 95 inductees to protect the image of the institute everywhere and add value to their various organisations and promote the practice of the risk management profession in Nigeria.

“On our part, you can be assured that the institute will provide you with capacity-building platforms to broaden your knowledge in every area of risk management practice, equip you with the necessary skills and mentoring experience when requested through our partners within and outside the country,” he added.

The Chartered Risk Management Institute of Nigeria (CRMI), formerly known as Risk Management Association of Nigeria (RIMAN) was founded on 29th March 2000 to promote best practices and advocacy in risk management and related disciplines in Nigeria.

CRMI provides distinct and value-added services by a pool of industry experts and seasoned professionals. CRMI sets national standard in Professional designation with the CRM certification through CRMI’s on-going Certification programme and Mandatory Continuing Professional Education (MCPE).

Currently, all the Commercial Banks, Merchant Banks, Development Banks and Non-Financial Institutions, are members. Individuals were admitted as members from 2006 and this membership category has grown considerably.

CRMI collaborates with regulatory authorities in policy advancement to ensure best practices in the financial and non-financial industries.

Over the years, CRMI has been involved in continuous provision of capacity building platform for organizations. The track record of excellent workshops, seminars, conferences, training, etc. is well known.