Customer satisfaction makes me fulfilled —Awoyinfa

Customer satisfaction makes me fulfilled —Awoyinfa


A fashion designer, Damilola Awoyinfa, is the Managing Director of Equip 20 Collections. He tells OGHENOVO EGODO-MICHAEL about the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur

Among other key points, see some EXCERPTS:

How have you been able to leverage the Internet to get customers and promote sales?

I have not been active online when it comes to promoting sales. I am trying to make physical sales first. For now, I sell on Facebook and a popular online store. I am not yet active on other platforms because many of them require money (to display one’s products), and I am not ready for that yet. Right now, I am paying attention to building relationships with my customers, and putting some other things in place for the business.

How are you able to ensure that you satisfy both old and young customers?

It is easier to satisfy younger customers because when we create designs for them, they usually love them.

Customer satisfaction makes me fulfilled —Awoyinfa
Customer satisfaction makes me fulfilled —Awoyinfa

Older customers tend to be complicated because they are usually indecisive. Other times, they want something only because they had seen it on someone else and liked it. Many of our older customers don’t consider body size and fitting; they just like it because it fit the other person they saw it on. However, we try our best to satisfy everybody because I feel fulfilled whenever customers like what we did for them.

How do you deal with difficult clients?

I try my best to satisfy all customers, but there will always be difficult people. The best way to deal with such people is by being patient and attentive. I always try to discuss with my clients before proceeding to make their clothes. I also listen to their complaints and make corrections.

People getting inferior products compared to what they actually ordered is fast becoming a norm. What is your take on that?

Truly, many customers get inferior products, and that is because many business owners are deceitful. Whenever I buy materials, I go for the best quality, and sometimes, some traders sell materials of average quality at the price of the best. Sometimes, one would even think one has bought the best material. However, after some time, the material starts fading or changes colours after the first wash.

On the other hand, some people pay low prices and expect superior quality.

Many customers don’t factor in the cost of materials and workmanship.

I am of the opinion that customers should always get value for their money. What customers get should be worth the price they paid for them.