EXCELLENT! Nimbus Media Limited pledges advertising support for SMEs

Excellent! Nimbus Media Limited pledges advertising support for SMEs


According to the PWC Nigeria SME Survey, SMEs account for 48% of national GDP, 96% of businesses, and 84% of employment. Despite their prevalence, small businesses in Nigeria rarely thrive. In this context, marketing their small businesses to the consumers has always been a key challenge.

It is against this backdrop that a leading digital out-of-home advertising company, Nimbus Media Limited, has partnered the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), and others who have the interest of the consumer at heart to give visibility to the Nigerian SMEs. That way, the Nigerian entrepreneurs can focus on their core calling while Nimbus Media handle the marketing leg of their operations. The OOH fast-rising company, through its Nimbus Aid Project, has pledged to provide advertising support to Nigerian SMEs in earnest.


According to Nimbus Media: “With our outstanding digital out-of-home advertising opportunities, you are directly in the face of your target audience.”

“But what are their arsenals,” you are wondering. The service offerings of the OOH company include: billboard advertising, lamp post advertising, shopping mall superstores, transit advertising, guerrilla advertising and brand activation.

The Managing Director/Chief Executive, Nimbus Media, Mr. Wale Adegoke, said the firm is expanding its scope in this year’s edition and will provide over N2 million in marketing support to 10 women-led SMEs and pre-seed start-ups across several sectors.

Nimbus supports smes!
Nimbus supports smes!

Launched in 2016, the project, formerly known as Nominate a Charity, has supported eligible organisations committed to educating, enabling, and empowering their communities by offering advertising support on its digital screens across the country.

Mr. Adegoke, explained that beneficiaries will be selected through a public call for entries and in collaboration with its partners, adding that it hopes to boost the advantages accruing to the eventual beneficiaries of the project through the collaborations.

He also said that some partners had committed to providing training, media, and other business support to the project winners.

Let's give you visibility at Nimbus
Let’s give you visibility at Nimbus

He said, “By working with such established partners, we are confident that the project will gain from the expertise of our partners. We are also excited about the amplification opportunities that come with this, as it will help our finalists and eventual winners increase awareness about their businesses.”

Excellent!  Nimbus Media Limited pledges advertising support for SMEs
Excellent! Nimbus Media Limited pledges advertising support for SMEs

He further explained that the project was focusing on SMEs and Tech start-ups this year to basically provide businesses with the requisite coverage and exposure to raise awareness for their company since they often cannot afford marketing expenses.

However, commenting on the project’s impact on their businesses, a 2018 beneficiary of the Nimbus Aid Project, Siddiqah Foundation, affirmed that “We found that we got more brand awareness and visibility for our projects. The Nimbus Media Aid helped more people support us as they became more aware of our work.”

Also, another beneficiary, Strap and Safe Child Foundation, noted that “The support we got from Nimbus Media gave us exposure, a wider platform and informed the populace of what we do at Strap and Safe Child Foundation.”