Health Guide: Preventing Peltic Ulcer

Peltic Ulcer is a health condition that gives its sufferer stomach discomfort. It is the pain felt in the stomach when it inside lining sores.

Ulcers, generally, occurs when digestive juices/acid causes the mucus layer covering the underlying tissues get too thin. This poses a danger and ultimately damages the walls of the stomach or small intestines.

At this point, the sufferer begins to experience a pain in the stomach, belly button, and the breastbone. The pain is usually severe where the sufferer carries a empty stomach or at night. Other effects are feeling a bloated tummy, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting.
 Below are ways of preventing Peltic Ulcer
Reduce the use of aspirin, if not recommended.

Studies have found that frequent use of painkillers, such as aspirins, hinder the stomach from producing chemicals that should protect the stomach from acids.

Cigarette smoking

The danger of cigarette smoking to the body is enormous and of its consequences is abdominal ulcer.

Excessive alcohol drinking

As the body repulses smoking, so it is with excessive alcohol intake.


Fight stress and endeavour to take good rest every time.

Reduce spicy foods

Eating too much of spicy foods is bad, and for a ulcer patient, it makes healing difficult.