How You Can Save Money On Electricity Bills

By Mariam Akanni

Electricity consumers have continued to grapple with rising tariff amidst poor services from energy distribution companies. Due to poor regulation, energy providers have continued to shortchanged customers, especially unmetered ones. For those using pre-paid meters, here are ways you can save on your electricity consumption.

Do not leave phones plugged in overnight

Like your electrical appliances, your mobile phones also consume some energy. It is therefore important that you do not leave your phones plugged into the electric socket while you go to bed.

Turn off all light bulbs and fan, if not needed

Do not leave your fans and light bulbs without need for them.

User smarter bulb

If you are yet to change to smarter bulb, this is the time. LED bulbs use at least 75 % less energy and last 25 percent longer than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs it conserves energy up to 90%.

Iron in bulk, not bits

To conserve energy, it is recommended you iron your clothes in bulk, and not in bits. An electric iron is known to consume a lot of energy when heating up but once heated up, the energy consumption stabilizes.

If you iron in bits, frequent cooling and heating up of the iron occurs which enables the iron takes up more energy than usual during the process. But when ironing in bulk, it irons in a stabilized mode.

Use a fan 
You use a fan instead of an air-conditioning system, if the weather is fair.
Turn off your electrical appliances when not in use

Leaving your electrical appliances on when not in use is an easy way of accumulating energy bill. Though leaving them in a standby mode consumes less energy though, the best advice is turning them off when in use.