ICYMI: Cedrus Group unveils ‘Cedrus 5000 Africa SMEs’ programme

ICYMI: Cedrus Group unveils 'Cedrus 5000 Africa SMEs' programme


Cedrus Group, a Pan-African financial and investment institution, launched the ‘Cedrus 5000 Africa SMEs’ programme, aimed at providing specialised advisory services to over 5000 Sub-Saharan Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) for scaling, funding and corporate development.

The program offers a well-structured business-enhancement process to help these businesses become globally competitive entities.

During their ‘Magnate’s Breakfast’ event, thriving business owners, public servants, and investment bankers gathered to celebrate Cedrus Group Africa’s first anniversary.

The attendees were treated to a morning of networking and learning. The event featured an insightful keynote presentation by Abimbola Olashore, the President and Chairman of Council, Association of Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers, who spoke about SMEs and their global impact, why they fail, and how Nigerian business owners can succeed locally and globally.

ICYMI: Cedrus Group unveils 'Cedrus 5000 Africa SMEs' programme
ICYMI: Cedrus Group unveils ‘Cedrus 5000 Africa SMEs’ programme

The event also included a panel discussion with business leaders who shared their vast experience within their respective industries.

Cedrus Group Africa’s CEO, Olubusayo Adeniyi, believes that SMEs will play a key role in the financial independence of Africa, which is why the company is investing in their future.

The event concluded with free advisory sessions where the panel speakers, as well as Cedrus Group Africa staff, were on hand to assist guests with the immediate challenges facing their businesses and steps to take to improve operations and profitability. As a consumer, this program provides an opportunity for SMEs to receive specialised advisory services that can help them scale, get funding and become globally competitive entities.

Cedrus Group is a globally-minded, Pan-African, financial and investment institution committed to delivering innovative financial advisory solutions to municipals, corporations, institutional investors and private clients across Africa and in the diaspora.

“As business owners, we need to stop working in silos and start collaborating amongst ourselves to serve every need associated with our industries,” he told a rapt audience at the event sponsored by AVA Capital Group, Whitegate Homes, Elvita Bitters, Keystone Bank, and United Bank of Africa.

The event also featured a panel discussion with speakers who are business leaders with vast experience within their different industries. Speakers included Kayode Falasinui, Tosin Ajose, Ayobola Abiola, and Omopeju Afanu. The panel was moderated by Olubusayo Adeniyi, CEO of Cedrus Group Africa.

“We believe that SMEs will play a key role in the financial independence of Africa”, said CEO of Cedrus Group Africa, Olubusayo Adeniyi, when asked about the firm’s focus on SME financing. “That is why we are so willing to invest in SMEs. We are investing in our continent’s future.’”