Lagos taxpayers to use only enterprise tax solution (eTax) for payment – LIRS

The Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) says tax payers could make payment only by using the Enterprise Tax Solutions (e-Tax). The LIRS says it will no longer accept generated bill references from payment sources, effective from August 1, 2022.

Ayodele Subair, LIRS executive chairman, stated this in a statement the agency issued. Subair said the directive was part of LIRS’ “digitalisation process.”

The agency explained it launched the e-Tax platform ( in October 2019 “to engender seamless tax operations and reduce compliance costs to taxpayers”.

The e-tax, Subair said, was ‘built as a one-stop shop for all tax transactions and it is the reason the LIRS has restricted tax payment exclusively to the platform’.

This is how you can generate a bill reference on e-Tax
  • Visit
  • Input your payer ID and password to log in
  • Select revenue type, and upload schedule (for PAYE & Withholding taxes)
  • Generate a bill reference
  • Make a payment on any of the multiple channels available, using the generated bill refence.
  • For further information, tax payers can contact FIRS on 0700 2255 5477 or email