Medplus lifts SMEs in Nigeria with $30,000 grant to female entrepreneurs

Medplus lifts SMEs in Nigeria with $30,000 grant to female entrepreneurs


As the price surge in drugs continue, the Federal Government has been called to intervene in the health sector in other to make drugs affordable for the masses even as Medplus makes provision for $30,000 dollars grant to female entrepreneurs.

The Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of the highbrow Pharmacy Medplus, Mrs. Joke Bakare made this call, during a press briefing to commemorate the 30 years anniversary of the organisation.

Speaking, she appealed to the federal government to subsidise the health care stressing that there is no way out of the current high cost of drugs.

Speaking further Mrs. Bakare explained that “In a nation where female entrepreneurs face unique challenges, Medplus is extending a hand to lift them higher, giving them the tools and resources they need to thrive. Moreover, Medplus is also giving the grant recipients access to distribution via its  network of over 100 outlets nationwide.” Noting that market access is one of the challenges most SMEs face the Pharmacist said that this synergy between a well-established business and budding entrepreneurs will empower female owned brands to scale adding that it is a testament to Medplus’s commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for businesses, especially those led by women.

“Health is priority, it is paramount. All the countries abroad have interventions where the health sector is subsidised.”

She said that there is no way the health sector can be improved if the National Health Insurance Scheme does not come into this.

“It is an obligation. Subsidy from the government will help our sector and the economy.

“Government can improve the health sector by granting them more access to foreign exchange, reduced interest on loans, to enable us to be competitive and for people to be afford medicines,” said the Pharmacist.

Announcing the events lined up for the three decades of being in business’, “One of the most significant highlights of this milestone celebration is the $30,000 grant that Medplus is offering to female entrepreneurs. This grant is more than just financial support; it’s a lifeline to dreams, aspirations, and the economic empowerment of women.”