MISSED THIS? Cubana FMCG bags AQAA 2023 award

MISSED THIS? Cubana FMCG bags AQAA 2023 award


The African Quality Achievement Awards Research/ Technical Committee recently recognized and awarded Cubana FMCG Limited for their standard compliance in the FMCG sector in Nigeria.

The event which held at the Civic Centre in Lagos brought together top industry experts across sectors and standards practitioners.

Cubana FMCG Ltd has business interests cutting across food, beverages, cosmetics and gadgets/tech, plus other emerging categories.

Speaking at the event, the managing director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cubana FMCG, Efosa Ogbeide expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the African Quality Achievement Awards committee who he said has thrilled and inspired the entire company with the extraordinary recognition.

He said “We are honored to accept the African Quality Achievements Award 2023.

“It is a delight that we have been recognized for the impact our business has so far recorded in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry where we have continuously demonstrated our desire to provide the Nigerian consumers with quality products at a convenient price and across multiple sales channels

“Cubana FMCG is greatly honored to accept the African Quality Achievement Award 2023.

“At Cubana FMCG, we believe that providing the highest quality products and services is not just a responsibility owed but also a commitment we will continue to reinforce for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders, and the industry as a whole.

“Our determination to maintain the highest quality standard across all the key parameters is non-negotiable.

“Our commitment is making the journey from the factory to the consumer’s finger a seamless one riding on the key words of Quality. Consistency. Precision

“To this effect, we consider this award as indeed a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team members who strive for excellence every day.”

He noted that Cubana FMCG Ltd will contune to maintain its passion for excellence which it intends to imparted heavily in the FMCG industry in Nigeria.

Continuing, he said “this recognition would not be possible today without the motivation and visionary leadership of our stakeholders.

“We can maximize the opportunities in the FMCG industry by continually thriving to improve the lives of people and that is the key drining force of Cubana FMCG Ltd. This company brings to life my dedication to serving consumers’ ever-evolving needs and wants.