Monkeypox: What You Should Know About The Virus

Monkeypox, a disease common to Africa, was reported in May 2022 in many countries in Europe, Australia, and the United States. The virus is transmitted usually through animal-to-human contact and the effects on a sufferer are skin lesions, fever, and body aches in its sufferers.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of Monkey Pox are headache, skin rash, fever, body aches, chills, swollen lymph nodes, and exhaustion. It produces symptoms similar to smallpox, but milder.

The incubation period for Monkey pox in manifest in its sufferer can range from five to 21 days. The illness typically resolves within two to four weeks.

Severe cases are more common among people with underlying immune deficiencies and young children.

How is it transmitted?

Monkeypox can be transmitted through close skin contact, air droplets, bodily fluids, and virus-contaminated objects. It is also said that men who have sex with fellow men are at risk of contracting the virus.