Nigeria tops consumer of cologne brand

Nigeria tops consumer of cologne brand


Nigeria is the highest consumer of Clive Christian all over the world, the Regional Director, Clive Christian, for Northern European, United Kingdom and Africa, Mr. Tate Torongo has revealed.

He described its Nigerian consumers as special and having a more refined taste and great knowledge about perfumes.

“Nigerian clients have always been our clients. When I look at every other place where we sell our products, whether it is in the US or the UK, one of our top consumers is Nigeria. Nigerians have been flying overseas for years and decades to come and buy our products so for me it is important to have the product unveiled here.

Torongo spoke at the unveiling of the brand 1925-inspired newer release titled Town & Country which took place at the roof top of Providus Bank Head Office, Victoria Island.

Clive Christian is one of the world’s luxurious perfume brands.

The event was in collaboration with Clive Christian, Seinde Signature and Providus Bank.

Torongo said the new cologne was inspired by the original recipe from 1925.

”It was a perfume that was worn by Winston Churchill and what we did was to look at the original recipe from 1925 and took inspiration from that to create Town and Country,” he said.

He said its partnership with Seinde Signature, a one-stop shop for perfumes in Nigeria, was because of its expertise in the perfume industry.

At the launch, the Managing Director/CEO, Seinde Signatures Experience Studio, Mr. Olufemi Olaseinde Olusola, said his perfume studio offers only 100% niche products which, “Clive Christian saw and it also aligned with their brand.”

He said the company’s partnership with the Clive Christian brand and the launch of its new product in Nigeria was to further expand the niche market in Nigeria to compete at the global stage.

According to him, “Clive Christian coming into the Nigerian space with their prestige all over the world further projects what we stand for as the best in the country.

“Apart from validating the business, that we don’t do fake, and communicate directly with niche manufacturers, Clive Christian’s partnership further expands the Nigeria niche market.

“This new product cost £400 and we sell in all our stores at the Naira equivalent. So even though they are not exclusive to us alone in Nigeria, they approached us for collaboration. And after several meetings in Italy and London, we finally made it happen.”

He added that the partnership with Providus Bank is about customer acquisition. “Providus customers who use their cards in any of our stores get a specific discount, while they talk about us to their customers. So the partnership at both ends is all about customer acquisition. We get customers through them and they also get customers through us,” he said.