Precautions You Must Take Before Renting Accommodation

By Mariam Akani

Sometimes you find yourself in dire need of an accommodation such that you fail to do due diligence before making payment for it.

People with such experience, more often than not, comes to realise they had only made more haste, but less speed in getting a suitable apartment.

Consumertrics has identified salient precautions potential tenants or those changing accommodation must take before taking the plunge.

Inspect the apartment thoroughly

It is important to inspect the apartment thoroughly to see whether they are defects therein. Check the walls, electric wiring, bathroom, water supply, ceilings, window glass and pane, etc.

Ask Questions

Before making payment for an accommodation, ask questions from sitting tenants and others in the neighbourhood. Their responses will aid your ability to take a firm and safe decision.

Ask to know the power situation in the house and area

It is advisable to find out –not from estate agents who are likely to hide the facts –if the apartment is a metered one. A metered apartment has a pre-paid meter installed for it. The opposite is the analogue meter, which is likely to attract estimated billing from the energy distribution company supplying the area.  Also, find out how frequent or otherwise power is supplied to the area.

Know how many use the power meter and the payment plan

In some houses, prepaid or analogue meters are shared among two or more tenants, depending on the accommodation type. Find out how many tenants share a meter and contributions toward making bill payment.


Accessibility to and from one’s would-be accommodation is important. Therefore, check the house’s proximity to the main road (bus stop) and find out the access routes leading in and out of the area.

Move in only when apartment is in rentable condition

Avoid a situation in which an agent or landlord will promise to fix certain amenities after you have made payment. No! Insist all necessary things be put in place first before making payment.

Know the terms before embarking on breakage

If your planned renovation in the apartment will require some breakages, ask to know the terms for re-fixing.