President Tinubu re-assures investors of policy consistency, highlights Nigeria’s readiness for business

President Tinubu re-assures investors of policy consistency, highlights Nigeria’s readiness for business


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has once again underlined his commitment to the business community, emphasizing the Federal Government’s unwavering dedication to policy consistency and fostering an improved business climate to effectively attract investment in Nigeria.

President Tinubu reiterated this commitment while warmly receiving the delegation of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) at the State House in Abuja. This esteemed delegation, led by the accomplished Global Upstream Director, Ms Zoe Yujnovic, engaged in a pivotal discussion on opportunities and collaboration.

During his address, Tinubu extended a warm welcome to SPDC’s expressed interest in bolstering investments within the Nigerian oil and gas sector. Recognizing the paramount importance of such investments, particularly in the current context, he stressed the pivotal role they play in enabling the government to fulfill its obligations to the nation.

President Tinubu, recalling his personal commitment, highlighted that attracting fresh investment was a promise he made directly to Nigerians. Assuring the delegation, he reaffirmed his steadfast dedication to fulfilling this promise without compromise.

He remarked, “We are open for business, we are serious. I give you the assurance of consistency in policy.” The President further underscored that his administration is diligently removing any impediments that hinder Nigeria from emerging as a compelling investment destination.

Yujnovic, addressing the President earlier, commended what she described as an “incredibly strong start” of the Tinubu presidency. She expressed optimism that the “bold” measures taken by the government will revitalize Nigeria’s esteemed position as an investment hub.

Highlighting SPDC’s commitment to investing further, especially in the burgeoning domains of gas and deep-water assets, Yujnovic detailed the company’s substantial commitment involving billions of dollars. In her assessment, Nigeria stands as a pivotal strategic investment ground for SPDC. This sentiment is grounded in the extensive history shared between the two entities and the prospects offered by the country’s flourishing oil and gas sector.

With President Tinubu’s resolute emphasis on policy consistency, Nigeria’s steadfast commitment to business readiness and investment appeal remains steadfast, further bolstered by the collaborative engagement with the dynamic delegation from Shell Petroleum Development Company.