Read, Learn from how bank customer lost N22m

It is not uncommon to see the caveat, “Vehicles Parked At Owner’s Risk”, boldly painted on the outer walls of banks and at other business places. This in simple term means the care and safety of a vehicle parked on such premises and other valuables therein is the duty of its owner.

As stated in our article bank customers have duties as they do have rights too.

In a story by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), an anonymous bank customer was at a branch of Access Bank, in Kaduna State, to carry out a transaction.

He parked his car in the lot and walked into the banking hall. When done, he returned to his to find it vandalised and the N22million he kept in it, stolen.

“I had already withdrawn N22 million from other banks within the Kaduna metropolis before visiting the Access Bank branch on Isa Kaita Road, Kaduna, to make further withdrawals.

“Despite being a top priority customer, the bank officials wasted my time for close to 35 minutes before they eventually attended to me. All the while, I had my vehicle parked inside their premises.

“After I was eventually attended to, I immediately left the banking hall, only to find that the glass window at the back of my car had been completely smashed open by unknown persons where I had it parked. When I looked closely into the car, the N22 million I kept in two separate Ghana-Must-Go bags had been stolen!”

The customer is dismayed no other bank official, aside his account officer, called him after the theft.

FIJ contacted Access Bank’s customer care desk for a comment on the incident. An official Ikpe Uchechi said the matter had been escalated.

The bank might not suffer liability except law enforcement agencies finds it or its personnel culpable in the theft.

Therefore, Consumertrics advises bank customers to take safety of their properties seriously when visiting a bank.