“Scammers has re-engineered these 19 apps in your android” – Google report

“Scammers has re-engineered these 19 apps in your android” – Google report


If you have an Apple device, feel free to move on to the next Consumertrics story – but if you have an Android phone, your next move should be to look at all the apps on your device.

Google has issued a warning to the billions of Android users that 19 distinct apps could hurt them.

Adware, malware, spyware, trojans, and other harmful software are all included in these dangerous apps, which are a scammer’s one-stop shop. All have the ability to corrupt a phone, steal your identity, passwords, or money-related data like bank account and credit card details.

On the apps you need to delete? Great! You may recognize some of the programs on the list below as ones you have previously used without any issues. However, nefarious con artists have sunk as low as they are capable of by downloading these apps themselves, reengineering them by inserting the malicious code, and then reposting them on the Google Play store, claims MalwareFox.

  1. Fare Gamehub and Box
  2. Hope Camera-Picture Record
  3. Same Launcher and Live Wallpaper
  4. Cool Emoji Editor and Sticker
  5. Amazing Wallpaper
  6. Simple Note Scanner
  7. Universal PDF Scanner
  8. Private Messenger
  9. Premium SMS
  10. Blood Pressure Checker
  11. Cool Keyboard
  12. Paint Art
  13. Color Message
  14. Vlog Star Video Editor
  15. Creative 3D Launcher
  16. Wow Beauty Camera
  17. Gif Emoji Keyboard
  18. Instand Heart Rate Anytime
  19. Delicate Messenger

Consumertrics reminds you that in their original form, there was nothing wrong with these apps. Sadly, Google found that scammers have changed them to make them dangerous.