TelCables Nigeria Provides Digital Support To MSMEs

TelCables Nigeria Provides Digital Support To MSMEs


TelCables Nigeria plans to showcase its solutions to Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) at the inaugural International Telecoms Week Africa 2023 (ITW) tomorrow in Nairobi, Kenya.

Telcables Nigeria Regional Director, Fernando Fernandes said: “As a new entity serving Nigeria and its neighbouring countries, TelCables Nigeria is in a unique position to offer   carrier services as well as IP-Transit and connectivity and Cloud solutions to businesses and enterprises in the region.

“Furthermore, we have a global presence that is able to offer local solutions that are configured for the unique needs and demands of businesses across central Africa.”

Backed by the international Angola Cables network and the most interconnected operator in Africa, Telcables would unveil its  telecom services to meet the  needs of African-based businesses and enterprises.

The company also plans to promote its new Clouds2Africa , which offers  cost-effective cloud solution. Fernando says that the node gives businesses the option to connect to more than 300 nodes worldwide. Clouds2Africa also offers fixed term or ‘Pay as You Go’ payment options for individuals or established enterprises seeking to host content on a versatile and stable cloud platform.

“Our integrated Cloud solution is ideally suited for SMEs, startups and other businesses looking to expand their digital footprint,” notes Fernandes. “Whilst medium and large enterprises can leverage bespoke cloud backup and secure virtualisation solutions, companies of all sizes can also access other solutions and services, including direct access to more than 66 data centres across the world; secure IP-Transit and peering; ‘As a Service’ solutions and SD-WAN,” concludes Fernandes.