THUMBS UP! OjaNow launches app for 24/7 instant deliveries to consumers

THUMBS UP! OjaNow launches app for 24/7 instant deliveries to consumers


Out to create delightful new experiences of ordering and deliveries for its customers, OjaNow, a fast-growing 24/7 online delivery service platform based in Lagos Nigeria has launched its app — the OjaNow App.

OjaNow which offers a wide range of inventories including groceries, alcohol, home essentials, health products, party findings, baby essentials, and pet essentials will help users to order and get a variety of daily essentials and other products delivered to their doorsteps in less than 30 minutes.

Founded by three Nigerian friends, Demilade Haastrup, Jamal Kasumu and Alvin Ukpeh, the platform was created to solve the prevalent challenges of conventional shopping, especially considering the peculiarities of the city of Lagos including long queues at the stores, difficult access due to heavy traffic, limited store hours, poor delivery services, etc.

Demilade Haastrup, Co-founder and CEO of OjaNow highlights the main objective of the platform as bringing ease and convenience to customers at all times. He said; “The core objective of OjaNow is to bring ease and convenience to the needs of its customers any day, anytime. Customers don’t have to worry anymore about leaving their homes or offices early to beat rush hour traffic, closing times, or long lines at stores; OjaNow has got you covered 24/7!”

With its funding partnership with Bobo Ajudua and Alkesh Thavarni, the platform has begun operations across Lagos starting with Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki.

It has also partnered with Eko Energy City as the official essentials delivery platform for the entire estate.

The company says it is working on incorporating a digital shelf into its platform to extend partnership opportunities to brands, introduce their products to new customers and expand their market size.

The OjaNow app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.