“Use AI for efficient customer service” Gupshup to Nigerian brands

“Use AI for efficient customer service” Gupshup tells Nigerian brands


To provide always-on customer service and fix problems as soon as they arise, Dr. Inderpal Singh, EVP Telecom Business, Gupshup, has advised Nigerian brands to bring in artificial intelligence.

In a chat with the media, Dr. Inderpal who recommended that Nigerian brands require Conversational AI for customer services, ended up fleshing out the prospects of revolutionizing customer management system with Conversational AI.

On the question, “As an expert in customer management, what latest trends in customer experience have you observed in Nigeria?” he demonstrated that Gupshup remains on the side of the consumers and urged Nigerian brands to borrow the same leaf.

“Use AI for efficient customer service” Gupshup tells Nigerian brands
“Use AI for efficient customer service” Gupshup tells Nigerian brands

The Gupshup boss said: “To align with changes in consumer behavior, businesses are changing across sectors. Every Nigerian company is trying to identify newer ways to boost consumer engagement and profitability.”

“We see businesses adopting a variety of technologies to reimagine customer experience and business-to-consumer communication. For example, more and more consumers are spending time on their mobiles – using messaging apps such as WhatsApp and SMS, as well as searching what they want, via Google and Maps. So, we see many businesses engaging with customers via WhatsApp, Messages (SMS), and Google Search. This has led to an uptick in brands’ influencer marketing, social media/messaging channel outreach, email marketing, and personalization of their products and services.”

AI --serving your target market more efficiently
AI –serving your target market more efficiently

Notably, Dr. Inderpal went down to the basics, enlightening Nigerian business about AI and its indispensable role in the modern consumer satisfaction quest.

In simple terms, he explained AI, saying: “Conversational AI is the technology that enables computers to connect and engage with people using natural language – think of it as simulating a human conversation.”

“Using conversational AI, computers will understand and process natural language inputs and respond in a natural, intuitive, human-like manner. Businesses typically use a conversational AI platform to connect with consumers in real-time on popular messaging, voice and video channels, via chatbots. Consumers can pose questions, complete a purchase, or even avail service and support via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Android Messages, and other frequently used social media and messaging channels. As a result, for consumers, engaging with a brand feels more like a human conversation instead of a business transaction.”

Customer experience is key for a comeback!
Customer experience is key for a comeback!

He then concluded by underscoring the reality that businesses who adopt AI for better customer experience, shall end up realising their ROI goals almost effortlessly.

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