We place utmost priority on our customers’ needs – Opay

We place utmost priority on our customers’ needs – Opay


Head of Marketing OPay Digital Services Limited, Adekunle Adeyemi has cleared reports of active accounts or wallets on OPay app created without the knowledge of customers.

He said: “This prompted us to immediately commence an investigation to determine the authenticity of these claims as all OPay wallets are adequately registered in line with regulatory requirements, based on our investigation, we discovered that these accounts were indeed opened by the owners at different times, but generally between 2019/2020.

” When contacted by our team, some of the individuals have, however, claimed not to remember whether/when they opened the account. At least four of the complaints received via social media have been checked, and all four of them have been contacted to resolve the concerns raised.

“It is imperative to note that some of these accounts have had no balance in them since they were opened. As a law abiding, strictly regulated entity, we have unequivocally inquired of these individuals if they would like to retain the accounts, and we obliged based on their responses.”  Adeyemi added.

“I  would like to say that the OPay wallet can only be opened through the CBN-established registration process which requires the input of an OTP authentication (one-time password) and ID authentication from the user’s phone to proceed. It is also important to note that OPay has never created (nor does it operate) any account on behalf of any individual.

“On a final note, we would like to encourage any individual with similar concerns to contact us via any of our official channels, and the issues will be resolved promptly. As a brand, we place utmost priority on our customers’ needs and pride ourselves as a regulatory-compliant organization”.