What people predict will happen in 2023

What people predict will happen in 2023


Consumertrics, the Nigerian star consumer intelligence agency, was able to comb the internet for some 2023 predictions especially now that Artificial Intelligence is eating the world.

See what 2023 sees!
See what 2023 sees!

The categories include economy, markets, technology, geopolitics and everything else just to give you some forecast of some sort.

By year end, we all should be able to evaluate and count how many of the predictions came to pass.

2023 global predictions
2023 global predictions

Ready? Let’s go!

We hereby present to you results from our elaborate internet surf to help you have an idea or two of what 2023 holds for everyone both at the national and global levels:

  • TikTok and other tech companies may be subject to strict regulation.
  • Energy will remain expensive
  • Broad equity indices will rise but a rising tide won’t lift all boats
  • Google’s stranglehold on search engine will loosen because of emerging AI and chatbots
  • European Unity will be tested as individual economies face headwinds
  • Value will defeat hypergrowth
  • 2023 is looking up!
    2023 is looking up!
  • AI and chatbots will become the order of the day
  • The US dollar surge will come to an end
  • China’s economy will bounce back after reopening
  • The outlook is looking up for emerging markets and their currencies
  • Bonds return for good!
  • Global recession risk is high even though the US may not be party to it
  • The Russian-Ukraine crisis still trudge on
  • The crypto winter shall continue
  • You see? Life won't tolerate excuses!
    You see? Life won’t tolerate excuses!
  • Work culture will continue to tilt the way of flexibility
  • Tension will grow between citizens and governments particularly in developing economies
  • Looking at Musk, Silicon Valley will undergo restructuring
  • Education will face disruption from different quarters
  • Interest rates will peak
  • India will have a strong year
  • China may lose her manufacturing monopoly
  • Real global GDP growth be pegged at 1.5% to 2%
  • More recycling programmes on the way

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