23 quick tips to stay out of trouble in Nigeria

23 quick tips to stay out of trouble


Just in case you missed, popular Human Rights and Public Interest Lawyer, Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. did share amazing tips to stay out of trouble for good in Nigeria.

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Here we go:

1.Do not offer lift to persons at night, for any reason whatsoever, they could be robbers or kidnappers .

  1. If you were robbed and any of your property is taken away by the robbers, you should report the incidence within minutes, at the Police Station, because if the robbers are caught and your property is found with them, without your report in the Police Station, you will be deemed to be part of the robbers.
  2. Do not buy used phone or laptop, except you are buying from a known friend and you have ascertained that he was the previous user.
  3. Do not leave credit alerts or details of business transactions on your phone delete them immediately you get them!
  4. Do not disclose your location online, it will make you an easy target for assailants.
  5. Do not give anybody no matter how close your phone or SIM card to make calls or allow people to put their SIM card in your phone to make calls, instead offer them airtime or your battery, because the person’s number or phone could be subject of a criminal investigation and if the person was not seen you will be held by the Police.
  6. Do not respond to strange persons, telling you about NNPC Contract, PHCN Contract, or errors in your accounts, they are fraudsters, also do not do business with someone you have not seen or you cannot trail. In the same vein , be careful how you reveal your phone number tied to an account, your Bank Verification Number, BVN, or your account details, they are all security details.
  7. Do not ever stay in the midst of a mob, you can be a collateral damage, or if any one died in the mob, you become an automatic suspect!
  8. Always watch your rear glass while driving, to ascertain if you are being trailed, if yes, drive to the nearest Police Station. If you were invited by the Police ,go to the Station Promptly ,never be evasive, because with an active phone line or email, you can be tracked and arrested, by the Police anywhere in Nigeria.
  9. When flagged down by Security agencies, be calm, polite and communicate with them in good English, it helps and if it was at night, put on your inner light before you approach the check point, it shows you have nothing to hide and the Police respect that a lot.
  10. Do not allow anybody to use your bank account, phone, computer or email for a third party transaction, it could be used for fraud.
  11. Do not use Automated Teller Machine, ATM, at remote places at night and do not give a stranger you ATM Card, to help you make withdrawal, they could memorize your security number and clone a Mobile App with it, in the same vein do not help someone make withdrawals,they could use you to make a withdrawal tied to a crime, leaving your face on the camera, while they will go scot-free.
  12. Do not use an ATM Machine that shows Microsoft Error or any other error covering the screen, it may have been programmed by Yahoo Boys.
  13. Do not give testimonies in church with details of you making money or acquiring priced assets, you may acquire a kidnapping value, the Church is a mixed crowd.
  14. Keep details of your financial dealings away from your domestic staff and security details, they could be a source of criminals.
  15. If you had Security Details, be careful what you say or do in their presence, they are also with you to spy on you.
  16. If you work in a Government Body or a Multinational, be careful what you relate to your colleagues, Government has spies in every Government Body and Major Company in Nigeria.
  17. Be careful what you say on the phone, write on text and social media messages, every conversation is monitored. Only Whatssap has end-to-end encryption.
  18. Always keep your outside light on and the light inside off when sleeping, it confuses robbers and other assailants and consider having a dog, it alerts you on time about any danger.
  19. Do not stand as a Surety for some either at the Police Station or Court, even if the person is your relative, except you are very sure of the person’s character, otherwise you will end up running helter skelter, for a matter you know nothing about.
  20. Do not sign references for a Current Account Holder in a Bank, except you know the Account holder very well, because if the account received proceeds of crime and the account holder absconds, you become culpable.
  21. Do not guarantee a person for a loan, a job or a contract, except you are very sure of the person’s character, because when the person defaults, you bear the complete liability.
  22. Always have enough airtime on your phone before sleeping, never sleep without airtime on your phone, you may need to make emergency calls or texts at night, to avert danger and you must have the Police Control Room Number, Google that of your State Police Command online.

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