3 Reasons not to copy another LinkedIn Profile no matter how tantalizing

3 Reasons not to copy another LinkedIn Profile no matter how tantalizing



Tempted to copy another LinkedIn Profile? Here are key reasons you shouldn’t.

No doubt, you just might see a compelling, well-branded LinkedIn profile, say, of a job seeker with qualifications similar to yours. It really spoke to you! It’s tantalizing you want every word, therein. Now, you want your profile to be exactly it.

But don’t do it. It’s stealing so attracts some spanking.  In fact, this behaviour can really impact on your personal brand, put your integrity in question, and cost you your current job, and future jobs.

Don't copy people's profile
Don’t copy people’s profile

Here are 3 specifics not to people’s #Linkedin profile :

LinkedIn frowns upon copyright violations:

Members who violate the LinkedIn Copyright Policy are subject to account termination. At the very least, LinkedIn has the right to decide whether to remove or disable access to content. On the other hand, LinkedIn has mechanisms in place for you to lodge a formal complaint and they will deal with it if you see that someone has stolen content from your profile. Please don’t risk your Linkedin profile taken down.

Copycat profile is a no no for employability:

Write compelling content that will create chemistry for your personality, the way you make things happen for employers, and how you fit in with the corporate culture of your target companies.

May cause you identity confusion:

It’s possible that the person whose LinkedIn profile you copied is a job seeker who is aiming for the same employers as you. What do you think occurs when hiring managers and recruiters for businesses see duplicate information on the resumes of two (or more, if additional candidates have also stolen the content) candidates they are considering for the same position? All of you will appear to be thieves and experience exclusion. So don’t do it.

Write yours, please!
Write yours, please!


Don’t copy people’s profile no matter how tantalizing you find them. Take the pain to write yours. Your prospects of getting the job you desire may have been in serious jeopardy, as a result. Please see your Linkedin profile after now to check again.

Good luck.