AMAZING! With Greenlife Pharmaceuticals, Nigerians can’t die for lack of certain drug anymore – Dr. Chukwuka hints

With Greenlife Pharmaceuticals, Nigerians can’t die for lack of certain drug – Dr. Chukwuka hints

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited, a world class pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, committed to the provision of affordable brands to promote healthy living, has chronicled the impact the brand has etched on Nigerians right from inception.

The Executive Chairman of Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited, Dr. Obiora Chukwuka, said that the company has continued to make huge impact on  Nigerians through its wider distribution channels.

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited, a
Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited

Dr. Chukwuka enthused: “Throughout Nigeria, you will see Greenlife products everywhere. That is why I say we have achieved because nobody can die due to lack of our drugs,” Obiora said.

Dr. Obiora Chukwuka
Dr. Obiora Chukwuka

According to him, ”The company has achieved because we have covered many places having made significant impacts. And that is what I see that we have achieved our vision and mission statement.”

“My survival in 1968 was by God’s Grace because there was no single drug because of the war. I was five years old then and I had hepatitis which almost snatched my life. But the Red Cross Society treated me. And because of the attention the Society gave me, I said that I will be a Red Cross member when I grow up.”

Greenlife? All drug store!
Greenlife? All drug store!

And eventually I was because I was taking care of my fellow high school students when they got injuries through their football matches. In my corner then, somebody can come and knock at my door as a student by 2:00am that there was a problem and I will take care of them for free. Basically it was from there I got the Instinct to build a Pharmaceutical company,” he added.

He explained that he challenged himself to ensure  a situation in life where drugs will be everywhere.

“I have succeeded in doing  that today. Greenlife products can be found anywhere in this country today. Nobody can say that they died because of lack of drugs. It is not possible. We are always ready to supply whatever might be the needs of such person. So, I think it is a great feat we have achieved as a brand,” he affirmed.