Are you dissatisfied? Here is how to report bad product/service

Customer dissatisfaction with a product, service, or complaint handling is a notable challenge in relationships between sellers/providers and end-users. Often times, displeased consumers do not report their experiences, basically, because they are unaware about their rights. On the contrary, even enlightened consumers sometimes become frustrated with not getting their complaint resolved by the affected product seller or service provider.

This is why Consumertrics has devoted attention to helping dissatisfied customers get value for money or redress. Nigeria has institutional and diverse industry-based consumer protection laws, but sadly, many consumers are unaware. An example of institutional consumer support mechanism is the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC). Aggrieved customers can report a faulty product, service, or transactional disagreements to the commission. But, before doing so, they are expected to first lodge a complaint with the seller/provider and, if unsatisfied, can approach the FCCPC.

Below are procedures for reporting your grievances to the FCCPC:

1.File your complaint (either in hard copy and delivered to any FCCPC office or you send a soft copy through its website portal or email).

  1. The complaint must clearly state the following:

The seller, provider complained against; its correct address; the amount involved; and your expected redress.

  1. Attach proof of transaction and any supporting document

NB: If your complaint is sent electronically, FCCPC will send you an acknowledgement, and if done by hand, the commission will notify you of receipt within 2 working days.

Did you meet a brick wall while attempting to report product dissatisfaction? We can help. Send us a mail via