BREAKING! FCCPC summons Erisco Foods over alleged consumer arrest

BREAKING! FCCPC summons Erisco Foods over alleged consumer arrest


The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has said, it has summoned Erisco Foods Limited for allegedly arresting a dissatisfied consumer for her negative review of one of their products.

According to reports, one Chioma Egodi Jnr. on Sept. 17, expressed her dissatisfaction on Facebook after using Nagiko Tomato Mix, one of the company’s products.

FCCPC’s Executive Vice Chairman, Mr Babatunde Irukera, said on his X(Twitter handle) on Tuesday, that the Commission’s operatives had confirmed the arrest of the consumer.

Irukera said the summon on Erisco Foods Ltd. was to secure an explanation from the company.

According to him, summons are being issued to Erisco Foods Limited immediately.

”This is to ensure that businesses are not engaging in conduct that creates a chilling effect on legitimate citizens expressions.

”Indeed, the author of a public statement owes a certain level of obligation for the truth and veracity of their statements.

”There are legally accepted thresholds for fairness and fair speech which are constitutionally protected.

”Erisco Foods’ prerogative to refute a claim such as this is inviolate.

”And where they consider a statement sufficiently outrageous and a violation of law or their rights, bringing it to the attention of a ‘relevant authority’ is permissible.

”Erisco however should not seek or facilitate the arrest of a citizen for statements they consider prejudicial,” he said.

Meanwhile, Erisco Foods Ltd. in a statement said they would take all necessary actions against any malicious attack on their reputation.

The company described the claim as untrue and unfounded in its entirety.