i-invest opens investment windows to youths

i-invest opens investment windows to youths


I-invest, a digital platform for treasury bills, is working to entice the younger generation to invest in equities, the Head of Research, Parthian Securities, Oluwaseun Dosunmu, has said.

He explained that by focusing on financial education and gamification, i-invest aims to equip young investors with knowledge and create an enjoyable experience that makes investing more accessible and engaging.

It is not surprising that i-invest recently celebrated its processing of over $100 million transactions over the past five years.

Its target is not limited to a specific  transactions as i-invest’s goal is to promote widespread financial inclusivity and expand the accessibility of financial products to a larger segment of the population.

By removing financial barriers and providing resources, i-invest empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential for a brighter future.

Dosunmu said by embracing technology, improving dividend payments, and enhancing corporate action allocation, i-invest aims to enhance investor confidence and attract a new wave of enthusiastic participants to the market.

Chief Operating Officer, i-invest,Tobi Olusoga, said: “Our focus extends beyond mere access to the market; we are committed to empowering young investors through financial education and gamification. By equipping them with knowledge and creating an enjoyable experience, we strive to make investing more accessible and engaging for this demographic.”

One of the major entry barriers to the Nigerian stock market has been the onboarding process which requires the convoluted steps of consulting with a broker that may not be readily available if one who does not reside in a major city, getting a CSCS account and complying with the full KYC requirements.

However, through the user-friendly app, the onboarding process has been streamlined with processing times significantly reduced. Regardless of where they reside, users can use the app to cut through the red-tape and get their CSCS account, complete their KYC and start trading within 3 business days. They can also view stock prices, review stock’s historic performance and take informed decisions on the spot with real-time data available at their fingertips on the app.