CONSUMER PROTECTION! NERC bars DisCos from billing disconnected customers

ATTENTION! NERC bars DisCos from billing disconnected customers


Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos)  have been barred by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission from billing already disconnected customers.

The ban is contained in a March 2023 document by NERC Chairman, Sanusi Garba which The Nation obtained yesterday.

In the document titled   “Customer Protection Regulation 2023,” the commission said that  DisCos can only bill customers when they are reconnected.

The Nation recalls that it is prevalent in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry  (NESI ) for DisCos to keep billing disconnected customers even when they did not use power as a result of disconnection.

The act has continued to lead to  protests and litigations against the DisCos by  aggrieved customers

But in the document, Garba  said, “Whenever a supply address has been disconnected for non-payment and a bill has been produced representing consumption at the time of disconnection, the Distribution Company shall not bill for any additional charges in respect of that supply address until after it has reconnected electricity supply to the address.”

He also said that a DisCo could, under special circumstances, send a customer a supplementary bill during the billing period.

He explained that the special circumstances could be when there is a  need to amend an earlier bill where a customer made a  request for correction.

His words: “While a review referred to in subsection (1) is ongoing,  the customer shall pay an amount equal to the average amount of the customer’s  bills at the current supply address over the previous twelve months, the amount shall equal  the average amount of the customer’s bills for the period that he has been a customer at the supply address.”