How Electricity Consumers Can Check Overcharging

Electricity consumers, who are without prepaid meters fixed to the apartments or premises, can track their bills to see whether they are being over-charged. Although, the Electricity Power Reforms Act (EPRA) mandates power suppliers to provide pre-paid meters to consumers, many households still do not have them. As a result, service providers issue unmetered customers estimated bills.

To protect unmetered consumers against arbitrary billing or overcharging, the regulator-the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission– promulgated bill capping. The capping are different kilowatts-per-hour of energy power companies are allowed to charge un-metered customer on monthly billing cycle, and which they are not expected to go beyond. However, complaints about overcharging by power companies abound.

Consumertrics Consumer Protection Guide will help unmetered customers check excessive billing where such ocuurs. Unmetered electricity customers are enjoined to check the bill issued him for such information as cost of energy per kilowatt and the tariff band. Having done so, find out the estimated bill capping for your band class; multiply the price per kilowatt of energy with the consumption stated against, add 7.5 per cent VAT.

The result from this computation will show if a service provider has over-charged an unmetered customer in excess of the capping for the specific band class.

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