How to prevent your Android device against new malware attack

Android users have been warned about a malicious software (malware), called ‘toll fraud’. The researchers said the malware disguises as normal apps on Google Play Store but, once installed, it drains the wallet of users.

According to them, toll fraud malware falls under the subcategory of billing fraud “in which malicious applications subscribe users to premium services without their knowledge or consent”. The team adds that the dangerous software “is one of the most prevalent types of Android malware.”

How the malware works

The malware attack starts when a user downloads whatever app the malware is disguised as in the Google Play Store. These trojan apps will usually be listed in popular categories in the app store such as personalization (wallpaper and lock screen apps), beauty, editor, communication (messaging and chat apps), photography, and tools (like cleaner and fake antivirus apps).

How to prevent toll fraud malware attack ↓
  • Such apps will ask for excessive permissions for programs that don’t require such privileges. For instance, a camera or wallpaper app asking for SMS or notification listening privileges).
  • Lookout for are apps with similar UIs or icons
  • The developer profiles usually look fake or have poor grammar, or check if the app has a slew of bad reviews.
  • Don’t side-download any apps that you can’t get officially in the Google Play Store, as this can increase the risk of infection.

Common signs you might have downloaded toll fraud malware

  • Your phone or device’s battery drains rapidly
  • You are constantly having connectivity issues
  • Your phone or device overheats constantly
  • Your device runs much slower than normal