How To Report Adverse Drug Effect In Nigeria

Adverse drug reaction (ADR) is that which a user gets from taking a particular medication. This effect may be different from person-to-person, but the basic fact is that it such an unwanted, uncomfortable, or sometimes dangerous reaction from drug intake.

Due to poor consumer literacy and laxity in enforcing consumer protection, adverse drug effect cases go unreported. Consumertrics is committed to an advocacy on how consumers can report untoward reactions from drug use or ways of getting a redress.

The National Agency on Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has stated two main channels for reporting adverse drug reactions.

Walk-in Complaint

A consumer suffering an adverse drug effect can walk into any NAFDAC offices to lodge a complaint. The regulatory body is expected to protect the identity of the complaint while it investigates the case. Note that a complainant is required to provide address of purchase, dates of purchase, receipts of purchase and an uncompromised complaints product if available.

Reporting via PRASCOR

NAFDAC has launched PRASCOR (meaning, Pharmacovigilance Rapid Alert System for Consumer Reporting). A complainant can make its case by sending a Short Message Service (SMS) to a designated short code: 20543. The SMS should contain the name of the medicine and the adverse effects.

The complainant is expected to get an automatic response from NAFDAC, notifying him the message was received.

The PRASCOR service is available on the MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9mobile network.