What You Should Know ABout NCC planned Policy On Internet Governance

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) says it is setting up a standardised cyber insurance policy to enforce internet governance in Nigeria.

NCC executive chairman Professor Umar Danbatta said this in his address at the symposium on internet governance, held at the federal capital, Abuja.

Danbatta said the policy would entail advocacy on internet and internet governance, cybersecurity, governance and coordination.

On this, Danbatta said lawyers and law enforcement agencies would be exposed to the latest technologies on cyber crime prevention and detection.

Other focus of the policy include “encouraging organisations to devote resources to information security and to invest in appropriate firewalls and protective software.

“Capacity building for officers, judges, prosecutors and attorneys general in the area of cybercrime.

“Generating conversation around a standardised cyber-insurance policy within the Nigerian insurance industry.

“This calls for holistic engagement of all stakeholders including government and regulators, law enforcement agents and advocacy groups, the private sector and individual members of the public.

“In the light of the above, this Symposium is auspicious. Several policies and regulatory initiatives of Government in Nigeria are focused on harnessing the cyberspace and ensuring that the dividends of the digital economy cascade to the citizens.”

“We also aim to establish a society characterised by the guarantee of safety and privacy, and low levels of cybercrimes to ultimately facilitate Nigeria’s aspiration to economic prosperity.”