Jada Pickett goes to court over Will Smith’s rumoured sexual encounter


Jada Pinkett has taken a strong stance against Brother Bilaal, an individual who accused her husband, Will Smith, of engaging in a sexual encounter with popular actor Duane Martin.

The accusations surfaced in a trending video where Brother Bilaal claimed to have caught Will and Duane in a compromising situation. Asserting her response during an interview on the Breakfast Club podcast, Jada vehemently labeled the allegations as “malicious, ridiculous, and nonsense.”

Moreover, Jada Pinkett expressed her determination to pursue legal action, emphasizing the severity of making up such stories about someone. She clarified, “It is one thing to have your opinion about somebody versus just making up malicious stories. That is actionable. We are going to roll with that.” This reveals a proactive approach by the

actress to defend her family’s reputation.

Addressing the situation further, Jada shared insights into Will Smith’s response to the remarks. She mentioned that one positive aspect of Will’s character is his ability to find humor even in challenging situations. Despite the gravity of the accusations, she highlighted Will’s inclination to approach such matters with levity.

Supporting Jada’s strong stance, a representative for Will Smith, in an interview with TMZ, explicitly stated, “This story is completely fabricated, and the claim is unequivocally false.” This official denial reinforces the couple’s united front against what they perceive as baseless and damaging accusations.