LASCOPA GM Solebo attempts sealing SLOT over ‘no refund policy’

Mr. Afolabi Solebo, the general manager of the Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency, (LASCOPA) attempted to seal SLOT, a notable mobile phone merchandise company in Nigeria.

Consumertrics gathered that Solebo walked in on a disagreement between a dissatisfied customer, Eniola Olakunri, and a SLOT sales agent at its outlet, located in the Ikeja City Mall.

According to the Abuja-based Olakunri, he purchased a headphone for N30,000 from the outlet, but getting home, the device malfunctioned.  Back at SLOT the following day, Olakunrin lodged his complaint and demanded a refund. The company insisted it had a no refund policy (i.e goods already paid for cannot be returned for purpose of a refund).

It was during the exchange between Olakunrin and the company’s management that Solebo intervened.

“Unbeknownst to me and everyone around, a gentleman in a simple light-blue kaftan, worn over navy-blue loafers, and looking dapper with his fitting eyewear, was listening to my back and forth with the store manager.

“He said there’s nothing like “No Refunds” policy and that consumers must always get value for the products they procure.

“He introduced himself … and insisted I must be reimbursed the full amount paid,” Olakunrin stated.

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The dissatisfied customer said Solebo walked his talk by ordering the place seal. The management reportedly sought the intervention of the facility managers, who placated both Solebo and Olakunri.

Solebo, Olakunrin said, “got the company to agree that my refund would be effected within 24 hours (as opposed to the 48 hours they had  offered after much pressure).

“He insisted Slot must give an undertaking to that effect, to which the hitherto recalcitrant Store Manager eventually yielded, scribbling the same behind my purchase receipt,” Olakunri added.