Tips On Resolving Airtime Recharge Card Decline

Taiwo Adekanbi had purchased an airtime recharge voucher but he did not activate it immediately. He did so a few minutes later, but the network declined. It dawned on him that another user had used the card previously. He made efforts to return it to the vendor, who equally rejected it. Unhappy and dissatisfied, Adekanbi gave up and, as a result, lost his money. There are many mobile consumers like the said Adekanbi.
Consumertrics advises that consumers who prefer paper-based airtime voucher should take the following precautions or redress process:
  • Enter the numbers printed on the voucher at point of purchase
  • Contact the network provider, in a situation in which the recharge voucher is declined
  • If unattended to by the network provider, call the National Communications Commission toll free line: 622. You may also use a consumer complaint form on the NCC consumer web portal:, or tweet your complaint at @consumersNCC