Zuckerberg’s Meta sued for brand name theft

A company, called MetaX, has sued Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta (formerly Facebook) for trademark infringement. The company said its business has been damaged by the confusion caused by Facebook’s rebrand.

Registered as MetaX LLC, the company, founded in 2010, develops immersive technologies including VR and AR.

The company argues that Facebook rebranding to Metaverse, has damaged its business.

“Meta has been crushed by Facebook’s flagrant, unlawful conduct,” the company said in its lawsuit.

MetaX’s founder Justin “JB” Bolognino said in a statement on Twitter that the company put “blood, sweat, and tears” into building its brand, which was “seized” by Meta.

MetaX said the rebrand had already led to confusion with consumers, and that one had asked whether one of its products was “a Facebook thing.”

The lawsuit also says the two companies’ logos are “conceptually identical” as they both use symmetrical shapes that resemble the letter “M.”

MetaX claims Facebook was aware of its existence years before it rebranded. It added that, in 2017, Bolognino had an exchange of emails with senior Facebook employees who had seen an experience it had hosted at an event.

“Facebook and Bolognino then engaged in further discussion about Meta’s products and services, leading Facebook to solicit Meta to collaborate with Facebook on future work,” the lawsuit says.

It adds the two companies pitched a joint project involving augmented reality and AI, but gives no details about what the project was.

According to the lawsuit, Bolognino wrote to Meta in December 2021 voicing concerns that the rebrand could harm his business.

In a letter attached to the lawsuit as evidence a Meta employee responded to Bolognino saying the two companies provide “drastically different goods and services.”

The lawsuit says MetaX spent eight months corresponding with Facebook in “good faith” and provided the tech giant with documents pertaining to its trademark rights.

MetaX is seeking an injunction to stop Meta from continuing to use the word “Meta” in connection with its business or services as well as monetary damages. It does not specify how much money MetaX is seeking.