6 mobile apps to help parents monitor their kids’ online activities

Parenting in modern times is getting increasingly challenging. For those involved in nine-to-five jobs or any such busy endeavours, monitoring their kids access to the internet can be such a difficult task. Besides, a growing number of parents are handing their children mobile phones (some, smartphones) for reasons including security, safety, and convenience. Therefore, like the adults, children are equally informed about happenings in the digital space and susceptible to encountering polluting content.

Below are mobile apps to help busy parents have more control over their children’s online activities.

  • Secure Teen parental control app

This app is built with screen time control and internet filter that blocks access to contents that may be harmful to children.

  • Fami safe

This has a screen time restriction, location tracker, and it also reports online activities. Equally, it is able to block specific websites, photos and texts on social media apps.

  • Norton Family parental control

It manages time kids spend online, monitors websites and content accessible to children. It also set limits on child internet access and possesses a location tracker.

  • Kids place

This mobile app has a screen time limit that enables parents set control over children’s internet activities.

  • Safe lagoon parental control

This app has website blocker, GPS tracking, and screen time control

  • Safe Family

This mobile app by Mc Afee possesses social media blocker, website filter, GPS tracker and screen time control.