Clients’ satisfaction, my biggest motivation – CEO Ekwenugo Philip

Clients’ satisfaction, my biggest motivation – CEO Ekwenugo Philip



Mr. Ekwenugo Philip Chigozie, the CEO of Luxuryworld Bathrooms, has hinted that clients’ satisfaction has always been his biggest motivation and drive.

The Luxuryworld Bathrooms boss, thereafter, affirmed that placing five years warranty on all the company’s products was behind the company’s success as the strategy actually brings customers in their droves.

The CEO said, he was not just saying this as a strategy to woo more customers but to assure the company’s prospects that they will truly get real value and time for every kobo spent on Luxuryworld products.

Mr. Ekwenugo also tipped that the reason his business has enjoyed a high level of patronage is because of its integrity and uncompromising standard of supplying customers with only quality products.

Client's satisfaction...
Client’s satisfaction…

“That’s because we deal in quality and we offer a five-year warranty on any item people get from us with free delivery. We give our customers quality items, which makes them refer us to others.

“We have been receiving good testimonies from our customers because we offer them the best quality and we also give them exactly what they ordered,” he said.

Founded more than five years ago, Luxuryworld Bathrooms, which also deals in kitchen equipment, has grown from a start-up to a solid venture hugging newspapers’ headlines and a good mention in the broadcast media.

"Our client's satisfaction has been our biggest drive"
“Our client’s satisfaction has been our biggest drive”

Apparently, the satisfied client strategy is a winner all the time as the Luxuryworld boss attested that in just more than five years of its existence, the brand is fast becoming the go-to place for bathroom and kitchen accessories in Lagos, where the business is based for now.

“One of the things that has made the brand stand out over its competitors is its cutting edge. This includes quality of products, first-class service and free delivery in Lagos, where it is based for now,” the CEO said.

He then announced that there are plans in the offing to spread the brand’s service delivery to other parts of the country.