GIGM Unveils ‘Stella’ to Provide Superfast Feedback To Customer

GIGM Unveils ‘Stella’ to Provide Superfast Feedback To Customer


To bring its brand up to speed with today’s modern client service and delivery, GIG Mobility (GIGM), Africa’s leading tech-driven transport company has unveiled ‘Stella,’ Nigeria’s First 24/7 Mobility Virtual Assistant.

The company said Stella shall be on ground to provide superfast feedback to customers, round the clock, providing superfast guidance to customers and prospective travelers who wish to book trips, view terminals for arrivals/departures, modify booking status, or simply resolve an issue.

Stella by GIGM is a bot developed and launched by GIG Mobility (GIGM) to provide customers with immediate and uninterrupted assistance across all of GIGM’s mobility services.

This is the first of its kind in Nigeria’s transportation sector. GIGM has been known to pioneer numerous industry firsts, but this is unique in that customers will now have access to on-demand service at their convenience.

Reportedly, with the ‘birth’ of Stella, customers no longer have to wait days for clarifications on specific issues or responses to complaints with Stella.

According to GIGM:” One of the goals of launching Stella is to ensure that customers’ inquiries receive a prompt response. While social media can be used to gather feedback, many messages can get lost in the onslaught of messages received via the platform. No message or query will go unanswered with Stella.”

Consumertrics reports that Stella’s launch demonstrates GIGM’s commitment to customer-centricity and is consistent with the company’s mission of relentlessly pursuing customer satisfaction.


To initiate communication with Stella,

  1. Simply type “Hi GIGM”. The bot immediately responds by inquiring how it can assist and presenting four (4) distinct options.
  2. Simply enter 1 to begin booking a trip, and Stella will walk you through the entire booking process until your order is confirmed and completed. This includes obtaining information about your departure and arrival points, travel dates, and preferred seat.
  3. Other available functions include entering 2 to view GIGM terminals, 3 to modify the status of a booking, and 4 to resolve an issue.